There are rumours that fox hunting maybe coming back here in the UK.

Keep fox hunting banned! It’s one of the cruelest sports ever! and I don’t buy that they only fox hunt to keep fox’s numbers down. There are other ways rather than hunting them down in this way – to the point they are so scared they actually scream! I once saw a video (taken by animal rights in secret) of a hunt master who got off his horse after the exhausted fox made it to its hole and disappeared down it. The hunt master calmly walked over and put his arm down the hole and pulled out the fox by the scruff of its neck. Then, just before throwing it to the hounds, the fox screamed so loud, it sounded like the sound of a human about to be murdered…I will never, ever forget that!

The only reason they hunt them this way is because they enjoy the fast paced horse ride and the thrill at the end of the fox’s life. Did you know that they smear the blood of the fox (what’s left of it) on the side of the face of any newcomer’s to the hunt?

This sport is bloodthirsty in the extreme and should be banned for ever!

And what about the cubs left behind?

I’m trying to find that video, but I suspect it was taken off the internet, because supposedly, if a fox gets to its hole it’s to be left ‘end of hunt’…that’s the rules, but that blood thirsty lot wanted to see blood.

This is another episode, it’s eye witness accounts after a fox was torn apart:
click on this

They can’t find a fox roaming so they dig for one. This is sport???

If you would like to sign a petition, here it is. You don’t need to be from the UK to sign. click on this

Could you also sign the petition on the Care 2 site: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/2/stop-fox-hunting-being-brought-back/